An Introduction

     As a college student, working with remodeling contractors during the summer break, my introduction to woodworking began as a means to an end. Regardless of how dirty and physical the work was, I found a great interest and satisfaction in working with my hands. After graduation I continued working as a remodeling contractor then left the business to work solely as a finish carpenter.

     After 10 years as a carpenter, I became interested in the challenge of furnituremaking and enrolled in a 2 year program at The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts. Philip C. Lowe, a well known cabinetmaker and author for Fine Woodworking magazine, runs the school located in Beverly, Massachusetts.

     F.I.M. allowed me to challenge my skill as a woodworker as well as learn many different techniques for designing and building furniture. The opportunity for learning was tremendous because there were five other students working on different projects, in different styles, all in various stages of completion. I learned as much from others as I did from my own projects.

     After graduation from F.I.M. my wife and I moved to Central Virginia to set up shop. We are located in Earlysville, which is in northern Albemarle county on the eastern side of Buck Mountain. Visitors are welcome during normal shop hours. Please call for directions.


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