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Bombe' Chest of Drawers
32"H., 35"W., 22 1/2"D.
Materials: Mahogany, Poplar, Maple, Oak

The Bombe' form or "kettle shape", is based on Dutch design and used quite frequently in French furniture. This chest of drawers, however, is based on several American pieces from the Boston area that were made during the last half of the Eighteenth century. Of the fifty or so Bombe' pieces made around Boston during this time, only a handful were made like this one with a serpentine front and drawer sides shaped to fit the case. A single mahogany board measuring 30" wide 12' long and 3 1/2" thick was used in order to maintain consistent grain and color throughout the entire chest. The finish is a chemical treatment of potassium dichromate and seed-lac shellac.

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